論破03 by 
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


I loved this so much I had to try drawing it myself!!


i honestly dont know how i feel about chihiro here


shsl animal breeder chihiro! with and without gradient
she has pet rabbits owo

hey there guys! its been awhile since i made a post on this blog. i hope youre all doing awesome


while i hate bringing the subject up, i feel there’s something i need to address to make the point of this blog clear. this blog, princessfujisaki, is dedicated to the trans girl interpretation of chihiro. the name of the blog isnt meant to be an ironic joke. after receiving some disturbing asks, i’d just like to post this to make it clear. again, this blog celebrates the trans girl interpretation of chihiro. she/her pronouns are used not to avoid spoilers, but because this is a blog for myself and others who enjoy and prefer the interpretation to browse freely.

please dont send any asks saying “chihiro isnt really a girl” or anything of the sort. its obnoxious and highly unwelcome here. if you have a problem with the interpretation, just unfollow the blog because thats the entire point of it. there are several other blogs that are sure to support your own interpretation of her character. so….yeah

just needed to get that into the open air! so by all means unfollow if you have any problems with it, nobody is stopping you.